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Chairman’s Message

Preschool is the first impression a child gets of schooling and education.
It is important that the preschool experience positively influences a child’s interest in education.

At Jr. Navyandhra , we have taken special care to provide a healthy environment that is engaging, spacious, colourfully vibrant and creative.

In addition to personal interactions, each child in the school will be acquainted with the digital environment in an interactive, fun, and playful way.
Digital media such as animations, info-graphics,videos, interactive games, etc. will be used to augment their learning and social behavior.


Best Day Care School in Dwarka Sector 12

We constantly stress on how infrastructure plays an important role in a preschool.
We believes that safe and secure environment is the need of the hour for our tiny toddlers. It is ensured that the school premise is
well-guarded and has a homely feel both inside and outside the classrooms.
We hope to achieve our mission and vision with these major factors along with the core values and our abundant experience in the field of education.


-Megha Sharma

Admissions are open for session 2024-25 & Summer camp