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Jr. Navyandhra School (Best Day Care School in Dwarka Sector-12) is one of the most promising educational institutions in Delhi, working towards its mission of making the way to the future wider, full of opportunities, and illuminated for the young minds and believe that education is much more than merely completing a syllabus and preparing children for examinations. We are Asia’s first 21st century achievement centre for kids and parents, catering to both local and expat families. Our School is an endeavor of the intelligentsia of the society who have till now contributed towards honing the creative capabilities in young children.  The school foundation is based on the trinity of 3S – Shiksha, Sanskar and Security. To top everything mentioned above, the school offers an After School Program of tutoring and co-curricular activities with activities with a rich menu on the platter.

How the Jr.Navyandhra School came into existence?

Mr. K.G Verma – Chairman

Preschool is the first impression a child gets of schooling and education. It is important that the preschool experience positively influences a child’s interest in education. At Jr. Navyandhra , we have taken special care to provide a healthy environment that is engaging, spacious, colorfully vibrant and creative. In addition to personal interactions, each child in the school will be acquainted with the digital environment in an interactive, fun, and playful way. Digital media such as animations, info-graphics, videos, interactive games, etc., will be used to augment their learning and social behavior. We constantly stress on how infrastructure plays an important role in a preschool. We believes that safe and secure environment is the need of the hour for our tiny toddlers. It is ensured that the school premise is well-guarded and has a homely feel both inside and outside the classrooms. We hope to achieve our mission and vision with these major factors along with the core values and our abundant experience in the field of education.


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Personalised Attention

Explore Our Unique Curriculum

For holistic and wholesome development of 21st century skills we have integrated Academics, Sports & Co- Curricular and backed it up with a special After School Program that gives personalised attention of a child’s intellect.

Our Academic Programme

Our Academic Programme

Designed within the framework of CBSE, our well-structured and balanced curriculum aims to encourage independent enquiry and facilitate intellectual curiosity. We develop involved, pioneering, and open-minded pupils that exhibit a deep understanding of their chosen subject disciplines.

Sports and Co- Curricular

Sports and Co- Curricular

Our curriculum framework is designed to maintain a balance between scholastic and non-scholastic activities making our pedagogy all-inclusive, engaging, and enjoyable. Students at The Navyandhra School undergo a stimulating sports & co-curricular program throughout the year that nurtures an individual’s interest and passion.

After School Program

After School Program

We have a robust After School Program encompassing a broad range of focus areas including Home Work assistance, mentoring, personality development, arts, sports, and recreation. The activities in which our children engage outside of school hours are critical to their development.



Jr. Navyandhra offers age appropriate Curriculum focused on developing executive functional skills that helps children learn, play and engage in fun based environment.

Lets get ready for new adventure

  • Settling ( 1.8-2 years)
  • Play Group (2-2.5 years)
  • Pre-Nursery (2.5-3 years)
  • Nursery(3-4 years)
  • Prep (4-5 years)
  • 1st – 5th std



At Jr. Navyandhra, a perfect amalgamation of classroom and co-curricular activities ensure that the toddlers enjoy coming to school and learning new concepts.
Some of our fun activities include:

  • Dance
  • Music
  • Computer classes
  • Skating
  • Fine Arts
  • Intellectual Development Sessions
  • Story-Telling
  • Yoga
  • Taekwondo
  •  Swimming

A day at jR.navyaandhra

  • Arrival & Play
  • Assembly
  • Circle Time
  • Curricular Activity
  • Snack Break
  • Outdoor play and co-curricular activity
  • Exploring the learning center
  • Safe Dispersal

For Admission Inquire , Share the details. We will be Happy to Assist you .


Our Happy Parents

Vijay Pal
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Best day care school in dwarka with good faculties and infrastructure. This schools is the best for play group to 5th class students. Day care facilities for needed children also available by best one. From starting with studies extracurricular activities also done. Good one.
Varun Sharma
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One of the best school in dwarka with after school club program. Loved it. A unique pattern of 7day and 12 hr Daycare facility. A big relaxing thing for working parents. I must say a i got the best second home for my kids. Thank you Jr. Navyandhra.
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One of the best daycare school in dwk till 5th With all facilities available for kids,Loved it
Dinesh Koli
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Excellent school with friendly environment for kids.


Best Day Care School in Dwarka Sector-12)
Best Daycare School in Dwarka Sector-12
Best Daycare School in Dwarka Sector-12
Best Daycare School in Dwarka Sector-12