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The Navyandhra school is nestled in the residential hub of Uppal South end of Sector 49, Gurgaon. The School is an endeavour of the intelligentsia of the soicety who have till now contributed towards honing the creative capabilities in young children. Now they are ready to step into the sphere of formal education. The Navyandhra mangagement is a verstile community of seasoned educationists, leaders of art, culture as well as defence personnel  and hence, the school boasts os an education system which has the best of both the worlds core values, creativity and self-discipline.

At Navyandhar, we strongly believe that if we wish to teach our young and shape them as compassionate beings who are capable of bringing about social changes, we have to strike a harmonious balance between the stakeholders of the system, i.e., the student ,teachers and parents , and thus treat the school as an extension of the society.

A flexible curriculum is designed which conforms to the conditions, problems and needs of the society of the 21st century and transforms the people into a thinking and empowered individual who strikes a fine balance between the moral and aspirations of life,  our goals and our pedagogical approach resonte the core philosophy of the school.

The school aspires the learners to be endorsed with 21st century skill of ideation, building a scientific temperaments and critical and analytical skill, thus , truly becoming global citizens.  For this the schools infrastructure is fully equipped to provide them with the required
facilities, playground spread over half an acre land, modern laboratories, a  massive auditorium, air conditioned classrooms and transport facilities etc.  To top it all the school offers an After School Program of tutoring and co-curricular activities with a rich menuon the platter.

Preschool is the first impression a child gets of schooling and education.
It is important that the preschool experience positively influences a child’s interest in education.

At Jr. Navyandhra , we have taken special care to provide a healthy environment that is engaging, spacious, colourfully vibrant and creative.

In addition to personal interactions, each child in the school will be acquainted with the digital environment in an interactive, fun, and playful way.
Digital media such as animations, info-graphics,videos, interactive games, etc. will be used to augment their learning and social behavior.


Best Day Care School in Dwarka Sector 12
Best Day Care School in Dwarka Sector 12

We constantly stress on how infrastructure plays an important role in a preschool.
We believes that safe and secure environment is the need of the hour for our tiny toddlers. It is ensured that the school premise is
well-guarded and has a homely feel both inside and outside the classrooms.
We hope to achieve our mission and vision with these major factors along with the core values and our abundant experience in the field of education.


-Megha Sharma

Our Mission

The school system is to provide all students with a safe and nurturing environment and with a core curriculum that is rich and rigorous that respects diversity in students’ learning styles.

We have one guiding principle: Excellent instruction in every classroom.
The school system strives to impart quality education that encourages every child to realize his/her full potential.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower students to become the lifelong learners and demonstrate  the knowledge, skills, and values required for productive global citizenship.